Questions to Ask Your Buyer Agent: Part One

Questions to Ask Your Buyer Agent: Part One

On more than one occasion, I’ve met with new buyers to be greeted with warm smiles, a firm handshake…and a list of interview questions that they printed off the internet. Given the amount of research we do to book a restaurant or hotel reservation, I accept that this level of inquiry is just part of the modern day selection process. I’m more than happy to comply and thought we could have a little fun in doing so. Here are the most common questions I get asked:

1. Are you full time?

Absolutely, yes. This job can feel like three shifts. I usually work at my desk through about 3 cups of coffee, roughly 6am to 10am. I use this time to get through emails, scrub the MLS for updates and refresh my TO-DO list to include anything that happened overnight. Second shift is a mix of errands – picking up signs, dropping off lockboxes, trips to the post office, previewing properties and (when at all possible) an Instagram-fabulous lunch.

Third shift picks up around 5pm to 9pm, the all-important face time with clients. Showings with buyers, listing appointments with sellers and meet-ups with title companies, lenders and new construction preview events.I work nights and weekends, that’s just how I do it. Saturdays and Sundays are busy and scheduled as far in advance as possible. Clients come in from out of town wanting to see all the new listings, buyers want to sit down and talk logistics about making offers and sellers want their listings held open.

It’s a daily rollercoaster of events that can be surreal, frustrating and exhausting. It’s also a very seasonal market. It’s not uncommon to work 7 days a week between March and June but it doesn’t stay busy like that all year long. 

Being a full time agent is still secondary to my home life. My husband and I have been married 20+ years and we have an teenage son and adult daughter. We do pizza and high school football games on Friday (notably the only night I won’t take appointments). We see movies, we vacation a lot and we play some pretty intense Call of Duty.

2. Which MLS do you belong to?

I belong to the Northern Virginia Board of Realtors and participate in the MRIS MLS. I had a client that really wanted me to help him find a property in Washington D.C. so I went through the licensing process, only to conclude that I want nothing to do with District real estate. Same with Maryland. There’s plenty of business here in Virginia, so that’s where I stay.

3. How long have you been in residential real estate?
I got my first real estate license while working with Coldwell Banker in California, November 2002. That’s me to the right —>

I felt like a manatee in that dress because I was 22 years old and (as a good friend of mine likes to joke..) 10 months pregnant. After the dot-com bust, a lot of people lost their jobs and went on to Idaho. I arrived in 2005 and worked with a Century 21 office until the mortgage market imploded. Strike two. A military move took us to North Carolina where I became a licensed assistant in 2008 and an agent a year later which is when I really made progress. Found a home with Keller Williams in Jacksonville, North Carolina as a buyer’s agent on a large team (Shout out to Courtney Carter Homes – woot woot!) and transitioned north to Oakton, Virginia in 2010. After partnering with several teams in McLean and Reston, I sought creative freedom and became a solo agent with Pearson Smith Realty in February 2017. So I could write stuff like this without an editor. How am I doing?

In the coming weeks, I’ll continue posting the questions and my responses so that you can learn a little bit about me and how I operate my business.